Why and how to build an R package

A overview of how to connect to, and use SQL databases in R.

Survival analysis in R in 15 minutes

An overview of survival analysis in R in 15 minutes (or there abouts)

Text Mining Patient Safety Data

This talk will discuss my PhD work in text mining patient safety incident reports in the NHS.

Why is my model so bad?: Tales of a wandering PhD student - CANCELLED DUE TO LOCKDOWN

Tales of learning to build count data models when you can't tell if you're wrong.

Learning new-tidyr and a cheeky steal from purrr

A quick bit of new-tidyr / pivot learning, and a cheaky steal from purrr for good measure

Building funnel plots for comparing standardised ratios, the FunnelPlotR package

We will discuss what funnel plots are, how to build them, what overdispersion is and how we can adjust plots for this. We'll see the FunnelPlotR package and how it works.

Database Connections in R

A overview of how to connect to, and use SQL databases in R.

Why mgcv is awesome

Why building Generalized Additive Models (GAMs) using the `mgcv` package is a great idea.

Adopting R in an NHS informatics department

Summary of our use and adoption of R, and how this might help other organisations.

Why `mgcv` is awesome

A lightning talk tour of why `mgcv` is awesome, including what regression models are, options for dealing with non-linear relationships, what splines are, and how we can use splines in a Generalized Additive Modle (GAM). Simon Wood's excellent `mgcv` package makes this easy to build and fit.