Major update to FunnelPlotR published on CRAN!

FunnelPlotR package updated!

Why and how to build an R package

A overview of how to connect to, and use SQL databases in R.

Why mgcv is awesome

Why building Generalized Additive Models (GAMs) using the `mgcv` package is a great idea.


NHSRdatasets - a collaborative datasets package for teach and learning R in healthcare contexts

Reflections on building my first few R packages

HEDfunctions, FunnelPlotR and NHSRdatasets reflections


FunnelPlotR - an R package for building funnel plots for indirectly standardised ratios

FunnelPlotR published on CRAN!

Funnel Plot R package published on CRAN!

Introduction to Funnel Plots

An introduction to funnel plots, and using the FunnelPlotR package