1 NHSRdatasets - v0.1.2

This package has been created to help NHS, Public Health and related analysts/data scientists learn to use R. It contains several free datasets (just one at the moment), help files explaining their structure, and vignette examples of their use. We encourage contributions to the package, both to expand the set of training material, but also as development for newer R/github users as a first contribution. Please add relevant free, open source data sets that you think may benefit the NHS R-community.

It currently contains two datasets, one simulated dataset based on hospital in-patient length of stay, and one republishing NHS England’s Accident and Emergency statistics.

The package was created for, and on behalf of, the NHS-R Community: https://nhsrcommunity.com/

For more information, see:

Chris Mainey
Senior Statistical Intelligence Analyst

NHS Data Scientist with interests in statistical modelling and machine learning in healthcare data.