Major update to FunnelPlotR published on CRAN!

1 FunnelPlotR 0.3.1 released!

FunnelPlotR has just been released to CRAN with major updated. I’m quite proud of this one, as I feel I’ve tackled some statistical issues, change package to use Rs S3 system (new one for me), reorganised it a lot and made it more robust.

From the NEWs file:

  • Significantly reorganised the internals into more small functions
  • Added methods for ratios of counts and proportions
  • Renamed several arguments - please read the help file!
  • Added S3 object system and associated methods
  • Added ‘themes’ as people don’t like the ggplot2 grey as default
  • Added ability to change colours
  • Broke process into much smaller functions for easier editing and speed
  • Tweaked vignettes for new methods and added new one showing plot options
  • Removed unnecessary rlang dependency

Download it from CRAN now: install.packages("FunnelPlotR")

You can find it at:

Chris Mainey
Chris Mainey
Deputy Director of Specialist Analytics

NHS Data Scientist and analytical leader with interests in statistical modelling and machine learning in healthcare data.