Major update to FunnelPlotR published on CRAN!

FunnelPlotR package updated!

Survival analysis in R in 15 minutes

An overview of survival analysis in R in 15 minutes (or there abouts)

Learning new-tidyr and a cheeky steal from purrr

A quick bit of new-tidyr / pivot learning, and a cheaky steal from purrr for good measure


NHSRdatasets - a collaborative datasets package for teach and learning R in healthcare contexts

Reflections on building my first few R packages

HEDfunctions, FunnelPlotR and NHSRdatasets reflections

RSS2019 conference

Royal Statistical Society (RSS) Conference 2019 Talk: Using funnel plots and CUSUM techniques to monitor hospital-standardised mortality I’m speaking this week at the Royal Statistical Society Conference, on 5th September, at Belfast ICC. Quite excited about this one, as I learnt so much from the RSS conference last year. I’m in the ‘Hospital Outcomes’ session in the afternoon. If you have an interest, it would be great to see you there.


FunnelPlotR - an R package for building funnel plots for indirectly standardised ratios

FunnelPlotR published on CRAN!

Funnel Plot R package published on CRAN!

SQL Server Database connections in R

Getting data into R One of the things I found most difficult when learning R was getting data from our SQL Servers into R to analyse. It is easy to load csv files, or pull example datasets from packages, but a little more knowledge is required to connect to external databases. I think this is a common problem for my NHS colleagues when learning R and probably for others too.

Introduction to Funnel Plots

An introduction to funnel plots, and using the FunnelPlotR package